Temples in Mahabaleshwar

For the spiritually inclined the temples are a good place to begin. Krishna temple in Old Mahabaleshwar is known mostly as Panchganga, which means five rivers. The five rivers meet here and pour out of the cow’s mouth which has been built here. There is a certain aura about this place which is indescribable. One can only experience it to know.


In fact, there is a legendary story behind the meeting of the 5 rivers – Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva performed a yagna on this site. Brahma was supposed to be consorted by Savitri, his wife who was not present at that time. Brahma realized that he was supposed to wait for her, but it was too late. Since the presence of a wife was mandatory for the yagna, he hurriedly married some local maid called Gayatri. When his wife returned back, she came to know about this incident and, in her anger, cursed all of them and turned them into rivers. Not to be left defeated, they retaliated and turned Savitri into a watercourse. Lord Brahma became Venna river, Lord Vishnu became the river Krishna and Lord Shiva became the river Koyna. Gayatri and Savitri continued to be rivers of their existing names.


One could also visit the Sri Ram temple and Mahabal temple. The unique thing here is that Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of a natural rock and not in the usual phallic form.


The Hanuman temple is situated close to Krishna temple. It is believed that the saint Rama Dassa rested here in 1635.

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