Sight seeing in Yercaud

The serene Emerald Lake cradled by the mountains is the first thing to enchant a person when entering the town of Yercaud hill station. The feeling is akin to the experience of Alice in Wonderland. There is a marvelously landscaped garden by the banks of the lake. Of all the hill stations in the South, this is the only one to have a natural lake. There is a beautiful floating fountain in the center of the lake to add to its beauty. You will find a leisure park and a Deer park around the lake. The scenic beauty of the mountainous landscape while boating on the lake is unequalled. Do not miss this opportunity of a boat ride. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Boats can be availed at the Yercaud boat house.


The Tipperary Road leads you to the southern most view point of Yercaud hill station. Here you will be confronted by the Elephant Tooth Rocks. Allegedly these rocks are the bits and pieces of a meteorite that fell on earth. The hills in these parts are black granite and these rocks are white in contrast. Such rocks are found in two locales. One of them is situated on the Southern Ridge of the Shevaroys while the other is situated in the east with a view of the Ghat road. The one next to Guntur is the larger one with two rocks that stretch to a height of 120 feet. This one is made up of pure white quartz. It has a dramatic effect against the backdrop of the black granite and the greenery. It can be scaled very easily but the descent can be treacherous as the substance is soft and flaky. It would take an entire day to climb up and back. On the other hand it takes about two hours to arrive at the spot where the smaller one is situated. Some Gold Mining Activity has taken place here.


Two kilometers from Yercaud town is Bears Hill. Several schools and Seminaries are located in this area. Drinking in the beauty of this place is pure bliss. Another interesting place to see is Bears Cave. Prior permission is required to go to this place as it is sited on a private property. An eminent Criminal lawyer from Chennai once owned the old European Bungalow on this property. It can be a grueling task to advance into the cave as one has to crouch after the initial 60 feet or so.

The hill tribes made four piles of random stones in the shape of a Pagoda. This place is called the Pagoda Point or Pyramid Point. The reason for constructing this is not quite clear but it was done to denote an event. Presently a Ram Temple stands between these Pagodas. One can take a basket and set out on a picnic here. On the south west side of the Yercaud hills is a compilation of rocks with a view of the Ghat road and Salem.


You will see a natural rock formation in the contour of a seat. It is believed that long ago an English Lady spent her evenings here ingesting the splendid view. A tower has been built here fitted with telescopes so people can get a clear view of the surroundings. The Mettur Dam is visible from here on a cloudless day. The view of the infinite blinking lights of Salem in the night is truly remarkable. There is a gents seat and children’ seat next to the Lady’s seat. The mini park here is also a good place for a picnic.

Anyone wishing to view the Big Lake in all its glory should head for Arthur’s Seat. This spot can be arrived at via a precipitous road towards the north of town.

3 kilometers from the Yercaud Lake there is a charming waterfall called Kiliyur Falls. To get maximum pleasure here the best time to visit is after the monsoons.

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