Videos Of Nainital

Cable Car View:

Look how this couple captures the beauty of Nainital on this video.


Nainital to Raniket:

If roads snaking left and right doesn’t make you cringe, watch this video how the drive is from Naini to Raniket. You can also listen to the famous Hindi song “Piya Basanti” if you have your speakers turned on!


Most beautiful place in the world:

Nainital Tourism calls Nainital the most beautiful place in the world. While they’re biased (obviously), you just can’t help admiring the beauty of this hill station as this video shows pics powerpoint style. Sorry guys, no music / audio in this video! Them folks ought to learn creating videos…


Boating in Nainital Lake:

Self explanatory subject. Sorry again, folks, no sound again :(

Almora to Nainital:

Video taken from within the car of the tourists shooting it. Nice Hindi song you can listen to, too! Can you guess which one? “Musafir hoon yaroon… na ghar hai na thikana…”

Will add some more shortly…

Tourist spots in and around Ranikhet

Here’s a great place for the aficionado of golf. The golf links at Upat are a godsend for the golf aficionado, and the beautiful weather and panorama are a bonus that adds to the charm. The private orchards in the area only serve to enhance the splendor with a charming snow capped peak for a backdrop. A famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is in Kalika, which is 5.6 kilometers from Upat. You could pick up some wonderful plants at the forest nursery.


If you travel 13 kilometers down the road that leads to Almora, you will come across some of the most enchanting and divine landscapes. The view of the snowy mountains is overwhelming. You will find an agricultural farm run by the U.P Government here.


Going out ten kilometers from Ranikhet will take you to a place called Chaubatia. You will be welcomed here by four fruit gardens and a Fruit Research Center run by the Government, where you could purchase some of the choicest fruit. Additionally, there’s a cafeteria to serve you refreshments.


Every year in the month of September, a fair is held here called the Nanda Devi Mela to venerate the Goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. This fair began in the 16th Century in all the states of the Kumaon region, under the sovereignty of King Kalyan Chand. Besides Ranikhet hill station, this fair is also held in Munsyari, Almora, Dandidhara, Nauti and Nainital. Amongst these places, the Roopkund and Almora fairs are most popular.

The water supply of this town comes from the Bhalu Dam. This is at a distance of 3.2 kilometers from Chaubatia. This is also a great place for fishing.

Like we mentioned earlier, when you visit Ranikhet hill station, you could combine it with a visit to some of the other places too. You could visit Khairna, which is 22 kilometers away, Tarikhet is 8 kilometers away and there’s a small hut here where Gandhiji once stayed. It is called Gandhi Kuti. There’s a modest temple here dedicated to Golla Devta. Then you could visit Sitalkhet which is at a distance of 35 kilometers from Ranikhet.

For those who like ancient sculptures, they should visit Dwarahat. The Katyuri monarchs once ruled here. It is 38 kilometers out of Ranikhet.

For some mind-blowing sights of the Himalayan ranges and recuperation, the best place to visit would be Almora. This is only 50 kilometers away from Ranikhet.

More places around Nainital

Closer to Nainital is Khupratal. It is positioned at a height of 1635 meters and it is only 12 kilometers away from Nainital. The water over here is crystal clear swarming with fishes. It is a treasure trove for an angler. You can also leg it here by taking a short cut.


Traveling another 4 kilometers from Bhimtal will take you to an enigmatic lake that has nine corners. This place is at an altitude of 1218 meters above sea level. There is a feeling of being in harmony with nature over here, as the thick woodlands here seem to isolate you from the rest of the world.


Kilbury is 2528 meters high, at a distance of 12 kilometers from Nainital. This place is a good spot for picnics. Nature seems to have worked overtime with a paintbrush and lovingly filled it with birds, animals and trees of all kinds. The Himalayas, Tarai and Bhabhar in the background are beyond description.

Jim Corbett National Park is paradise for the animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. Dhikala, which is the major allure, is situated on the banks of the Ram Ganga river, at 120 kilometers from Nainital. Jim Corbett had set up India’s first National park spread over 525 kilometers of land. More than 500 species of animals inhabit this sanctuary besides the reptiles, fishes and animals here. Some of the most exotic species of wildlife such as the Himalyan black bears, thars, snow leopards, bharals and brown bears can be spotted here. The most fascinating animal of all, the tiger, has made a home for itself in these forests. Fishes such as hill trout, mahaseer and conch swarm the river. One could go on a jeep safari or ride an elephant to venture the Park. The elephant ride is an adventure in itself.


Kasauni is a picturesque town, which is dubbed the Switzerland of India. It is 120 kilometers away from Nainital. A captivating view of the sun rising over the Himalayas awaits you over here. This experience will certainly stay with you all your life.

Only 63 kilometers away from Nainital is a hill resort called Ranikhet. It is situated at a height of 1829 meters. This town has some beautiful temples and orchards. Modernization hasn’t touched this town. All these places can be visited by road from Nainital.

Visiting Ranikhet

Looking for a divine place to visit in the state of Uttarakhand?  You should head for the Almora district until you get a hill station known as Ranikhet, which is also a cantonment town. The cantonment spans over two ridges. One of the ridges is called Ranikhet ridge, which is situated at a height of 5983 feet while the second was called Chaubattia ridge, which is situated at a height of 6942 feet. The Indian army maintains the Naga Regiment and Kumaon Regiment here. The British had set up the center of operations of the Kumaon Regiment here in the year 1869. They used the center as a sanctuary from the heat of the summers in India. There was a time when there was talk of replacing Shimla with Ranikhet as the summer headquarters of the Government of India. It is perched high up in the Kumaon hills at a height of 1869 meters with a commanding view of the Himalayan peaks.


In Hindi, Ranikhet actually means the Queen’s meadow. As the legend goes, king Sudhardev wooed his sweetheart Queen Padmini at this place and won her love. Later she opted to dwell in this territory. That’s how it got its name Ranikhet. However no palace exists in this region. English, Hindi and Kumaoni are spoken here.


During the summers the weather is quite moderate and on the other hand the winters can be pretty chilly. The best season to visit Ranikhet hill station is from October to March. Ranikhet receives snow through the winter season, this is generally in the months of December, January and February. The tranquil surroundings and the mystical aura of Ranikhet hillstation lure holiday makers throughout the year. The wholesome air and clement winds here waft in from the snow topped Himalyan peaks. Ranikhet’s weather could be described in one word, ‘Alpine’.


The distance by road from Delhi to Ranikhet is 279 kilometers. This distance can be covered by road or by railway. The closest railway station is Kathgodam, which is at a distance of about 80 kilometers from Ranikhet. You can visit more than one hill station if you visit Ranikhet as Almora and Nainital hill stations are as close as 50 kilometers and 60 kilometers respectively.

There is only one place for shopping in Ranikhet hill station and it is called Sadar Bazaar. You will find shops, restaurants and hotels in this portion of the town. It can be pretty crowded here.

Visiting places around Nainital

Approximately 23 kilometers away from Nainital is a group of lakes clustered together. There are seven lakes in all and they are called Sattal. The word Sattal actually means seven lakes. To get there one must climb up to an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level. The unspoiled charm of the place still exists as it did in the past, for modernization hasn’t got round to defiling it as yet.


The largest lake in the vicinity of Nainital is Bhimtal. This lake could be likened to a jewel or pearl enfolded by an adorable and immaculate valley. At an altitude of 1371 meters, it is only 22 kilometers away from Nainital. The sapphire blue sparkling body of water encircles a tiny island, which makes it even more charming.


Neem Karoli Baba, a saint from the twentieth century instituted a modern pilgrimage centre at Kainchi. Located at a height of 1400 meters, 20 kilometers from Nainital, devotees and tourists alike, arrive in masses to visit Kainchi.


Situated in the Kumaon hills, approximately 36 kilometers from Almora in Uttar Pradesh, is a town full of temples called Jageshwar Dham. This place stands at a height of 1900 meters above sea level and is home to 200 large and small temples. The place is acknowledged for its fragrant sandalwood and deodar trees, which appeals to the senses of the visiting tourists.

At a distance of 67 kilometers to the east of Nainital is a town called Almora. Almora is positioned at an altitude of 1646 meters above sea level. This town has a rich heritage of culture and history. The town is shaped like a saddle positioned on the back of a horse. This town is an infusion of an old worldly charm and contemporary opulence.

Map of Badrinath

Below is the map of Badrinath, in Uttarakhand. Move the scroller towards “+” to zoom in and “-” to zoom out.


Fairs and festivals of Nainital

If adventure and excitement isn’t enough for you then you should participate in the colorful festivals. Nainital is a fusion of people of various sects. Sankranti is observed at the transition of the sun from one constellation to another. A fair or festival is celebrated in different parts of the Kumaon at each Sankranti.


Uttarani is celebrated on 14th January on a huge scale. This is one fair which is held concurrently at Salt Mahadev, Bageshwar, Pancheshwar Ranibagh, Nainital and Rameshwar. Batsavitri is celebrated all over. Women pray for the well being of their spouses on this day by worshipping Savitri or the Banyan tree.


Hariyala, which is celebrated in the month of Shravan falls approximately on the 16th of July. This festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva’s wedding to Parvati.

Phooldeyi Phooldeli is celebrated by young girls. They place the first bloom of flowers on the porches of all the houses in the village for fortuity throughout the year. Gheeya Sankranti is celebrated on the first day of Bhado. Khatarua is celebrated on the first day of Ashwin. It connotes the arrival of autumn. It is celebrated with children dancing around bonfires.


Basant Panchami is celebrated during the month of Magh. It is celebrated to mark the end of winter and the commencement of spring. During this festival locals use a lot of yellow in every form as it is considered auspicious. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on Basant Panchmi.

Bikhauti is celebrated in the month of Chaitra. It marks the first day of Navratri. Brothers offer gifts to their sisters, which are called Bikhauti. Last but not the least is the Nanda Devi fair.

The Nanda Devi fair is celebrated simultaneously in Almora, Dandidhara, Ranikhet, Nauti, Munsyari and Nainital of the Kumaon region. It attracts hordes of people here. It is observed in honor of the Goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. People pray for prosperity during this celebration.

Badrinath videos

Traveling to Badrinath

The camera shakes a lot but the road snaking up is awesome.


Badrinath Temple

Short video of Badrinath temple and surrounding scenery.



Another video taken en route Badrinath. Excellent scenery including the fog covered rocky mountain view.


Janmashtami in Badrinath Celebrated by some bussinessmen of Shri Badri Dham.


Adi-Badri Temples

Adi Badri is one of 5 holy Badri Temple Group. These are a cluster of 16 temples out of which 14 are still existing as original. There are highly amazing architectural sculptures here. The road cut from Karanpryag (at Haridwar-Badrinath Road) to Nainital.

Vasudhara falls

On the trekking route to Lake satopanth, Uttaranchal Himalayas. This excellent camp site is under Bhoj tree forest, a place called Lakshmivan, just near Alakapuri glacier, source of River Alaknanda.

We will add some more videos soon.

Adventures in Nainital

There is a mini golf course in Nainital that you could visit. It has nine holes and is open in the night too, as it can be played under flood lights. There is a cover charge on the time of usage. This charge includes using the golf clubs and balls.


Several options are available for people who enjoy trekking. You could trek up to Tiffin top or up the Milam Glaciers trek, Nainital Kainchi trek, Nainital Kunjkharak trek, Pindari Glacier trek, Nainital Binayak trek, Snow View trek Nainital Kilbury trek, Naina Peak trek and Nainital Betalghat. Services by expert guides are also available to escort you, if required.


The words Thandi Sadak literally mean cool road. One could take a walk down Thandi Sadak for an unforgettable experience. The crisp cool air and the unspoiled terrain are a delight. This is the most charming spot in all of Nainital. Since the entire road is lined with pine trees, oak trees and deodar trees, it blocks the sun’s rays from coming down hard on you. The alluring landscape, chirping birds and the gentle breeze will transport you to a haven of pure ecstasy.


That is not all! Nainital offers numerous exciting adventures that one could partake. You could enjoy Yachting, River Rafting, Sunset Hikes, Rock climbing, Kayaking, Jeep tours, Caving and Mountain climbing.

Shopping is also very good here. There is an open air market open seven days a week. You can also find several good shops on the Mall where you can purchase woolen products, handicrafts, ornamental pieces made from wood, locally produced jams, juices and squashes, and also attractive color candles.

Activities in Badrinath

There is an interesting spot where you will find a boulder that resembles a serpent. This is called Sheshnetra or the eye of the serpent named Sheshnag.

You could also visit the Vasundhara Waterfall, which is only 8 kilometers from Badrinath.


Neelkanth is a snow covered peak that serves as a backdrop or shelter to Badrinath. It is more widely known as the Garhwal Queen.

In the vicinity of the temple there is a natural hot spring that you could visit. You could take a holy dip here before entering the temple. The hot water spring is said to have therapeutic properties. It is called Tapt kund.


The pier on the banks of the Alakananda River where the Hindus perform rites for their deceased ancestors is called Brahma Kapal.

There’s a beautiful meadow here with a boulder where you can get a glimpse of Lord Vishnu’s footprints on a boulder. This place is called Charanpaduka, which actually means footprints.

Those who love flowers must visit the valley of flowers. There is a myriad of flowers that blossom here. In the milieu of Rataban peak and with the Puspawati River flowing here, it might be one of the most enticing places you could come across.  The best time to see the flowers in their full glory is in the months of July and August.

There is an impressive Gurudwara at the spot where the Alakananda converges with the Lakshman Ganga River. This Gurudwara is called Guru Gobind Singh. Therefore it is named the Gobind Ghat. This spot can be found between Joshimath and Badrinath.

Lok Pal Hemkund is a Gurudwara situated at a towering height of 4320 meters above sea level. The ascent is quite steep and grueling, so you need to be prepared. Hemkund Sahib is considered one of the most celebrated Gurudwaras. The Sikhs hold it in the highest regard. The pristine waters of the Lok-Pal Hemkund Lake near the Gurudwara and the four crests cradling it are a sight to behold.

The locals believe Guru Adi Shankaracharya had arrived here from Kerala to perform reparation. He set up a spiritual center subsequent to his enlightenment. He named it Jyotirmath. Later it came to be known as Joshimath.


There is an interesting little hamlet at the border of India and Tibet. The populace here is fundamentally an Indo-Mongolian tribe. The natural beauty here will hold you in awe.

Another place that confirms the Mahabharata is Bhim pul. An enormous rock forms a natural conduit over the gushing Saraswati River. A magnificent and treacherous view of the waters that surge through the narrow passage under the rock is a wonderful sight. The belief is that Bhim positioned this rock here.

There is a charming waterfall five kilometers from Badrinath. This pleasant place is worth visiting. This place is 3 kilometers off Mana village. Another fascinating place is a cave built out of rock where Ved Vyas is supposed to have penned the Mahabharata and Pauranic annotations.