Map of Ranikhet

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Videos of Ranikhet


Scenery at Ranikhet.



Snowfall in Ranikhet.



This place is near Ranikhet.


Snow peak of Himalayans

View of snow peaks of Himalayana range from Ranikhet in Uttarakhand in the month of October from Hotel Parvati Inn.


Short video of forest check post at Ranikhet.

Tourist spots in and around Ranikhet

Here’s a great place for the aficionado of golf. The golf links at Upat are a godsend for the golf aficionado, and the beautiful weather and panorama are a bonus that adds to the charm. The private orchards in the area only serve to enhance the splendor with a charming snow capped peak for a backdrop. A famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is in Kalika, which is 5.6 kilometers from Upat. You could pick up some wonderful plants at the forest nursery.


If you travel 13 kilometers down the road that leads to Almora, you will come across some of the most enchanting and divine landscapes. The view of the snowy mountains is overwhelming. You will find an agricultural farm run by the U.P Government here.


Going out ten kilometers from Ranikhet will take you to a place called Chaubatia. You will be welcomed here by four fruit gardens and a Fruit Research Center run by the Government, where you could purchase some of the choicest fruit. Additionally, there’s a cafeteria to serve you refreshments.


Every year in the month of September, a fair is held here called the Nanda Devi Mela to venerate the Goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. This fair began in the 16th Century in all the states of the Kumaon region, under the sovereignty of King Kalyan Chand. Besides Ranikhet hill station, this fair is also held in Munsyari, Almora, Dandidhara, Nauti and Nainital. Amongst these places, the Roopkund and Almora fairs are most popular.

The water supply of this town comes from the Bhalu Dam. This is at a distance of 3.2 kilometers from Chaubatia. This is also a great place for fishing.

Like we mentioned earlier, when you visit Ranikhet hill station, you could combine it with a visit to some of the other places too. You could visit Khairna, which is 22 kilometers away, Tarikhet is 8 kilometers away and there’s a small hut here where Gandhiji once stayed. It is called Gandhi Kuti. There’s a modest temple here dedicated to Golla Devta. Then you could visit Sitalkhet which is at a distance of 35 kilometers from Ranikhet.

For those who like ancient sculptures, they should visit Dwarahat. The Katyuri monarchs once ruled here. It is 38 kilometers out of Ranikhet.

For some mind-blowing sights of the Himalayan ranges and recuperation, the best place to visit would be Almora. This is only 50 kilometers away from Ranikhet.

Visiting Ranikhet

Looking for a divine place to visit in the state of Uttarakhand?  You should head for the Almora district until you get a hill station known as Ranikhet, which is also a cantonment town. The cantonment spans over two ridges. One of the ridges is called Ranikhet ridge, which is situated at a height of 5983 feet while the second was called Chaubattia ridge, which is situated at a height of 6942 feet. The Indian army maintains the Naga Regiment and Kumaon Regiment here. The British had set up the center of operations of the Kumaon Regiment here in the year 1869. They used the center as a sanctuary from the heat of the summers in India. There was a time when there was talk of replacing Shimla with Ranikhet as the summer headquarters of the Government of India. It is perched high up in the Kumaon hills at a height of 1869 meters with a commanding view of the Himalayan peaks.


In Hindi, Ranikhet actually means the Queen’s meadow. As the legend goes, king Sudhardev wooed his sweetheart Queen Padmini at this place and won her love. Later she opted to dwell in this territory. That’s how it got its name Ranikhet. However no palace exists in this region. English, Hindi and Kumaoni are spoken here.


During the summers the weather is quite moderate and on the other hand the winters can be pretty chilly. The best season to visit Ranikhet hill station is from October to March. Ranikhet receives snow through the winter season, this is generally in the months of December, January and February. The tranquil surroundings and the mystical aura of Ranikhet hillstation lure holiday makers throughout the year. The wholesome air and clement winds here waft in from the snow topped Himalyan peaks. Ranikhet’s weather could be described in one word, ‘Alpine’.


The distance by road from Delhi to Ranikhet is 279 kilometers. This distance can be covered by road or by railway. The closest railway station is Kathgodam, which is at a distance of about 80 kilometers from Ranikhet. You can visit more than one hill station if you visit Ranikhet as Almora and Nainital hill stations are as close as 50 kilometers and 60 kilometers respectively.

There is only one place for shopping in Ranikhet hill station and it is called Sadar Bazaar. You will find shops, restaurants and hotels in this portion of the town. It can be pretty crowded here.